Cville Classic Cars is pleased to offer a full array of restorations services.  Our scope of work can be very narrow or cover a full restoration of your vintage vehicle.  We offer interior and exterior body restoration, engine and power train restoration, in addition to mechanical and electrical restoration.

Exterior Body Restoration –  We perform body metal restoration work which includes metal corrosion repair, body shaping and paint. Our professionals each have 20 plus years of experience. Our focus is totally on restoration work, we do not perform insurance related body repairs, this distracts from quality and timeliness. Our shop has a rotisserie, sand blast capabilities, multiple lifts and a paint booth.

Interior Restoration –  We offer a range of interior work including, but not limited to, re-upholstery, re-carpeting, insulation and sound proofing, re-wiring, re-conditioning interior chrome and other trim, restoring dash panels and doors.

Engine and Balance of Power Train Restoration –   We offer the full range of power train services, including; engine and transmission rebuilds, differential and suspension rebuilding, tuning and other services.

Miscellaneous Mechanical and Electrical Restoration –  In addition to the noted work above, we perform restoration services on the remainder of mechanical and electrical systems.